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How to use the Street Cars (Trams)


You’ll find that Street Cars run on several lines which criss-cross the City.  One route – the St Charles route has green coloured Street Cars. It is the one you take to go visit the Garden District or the Zoo.

Another route has red and yellow Street Cars. It’s the one that runs up the centre of Canal Street, with a branch to Layola Avenue and the Union Passenger Terminal.

The Riverfront Street Car line runs parallel to the Mississippi River, linking the Cruise Terminal and Convention Centre to the French Market, passing by the Aquarium (Canal Street stop) and the Riverboat Dock (at Toulouse Street stop) for both Gray Line Tours  & Steamboat Natchez

Just board the Street Car and put your fare (exact change only) into the machine immediately alongside the driver (see photo above right).  It’s $1.25 for a one-way ticket to any destination on the entire system – or $3 for a day pass which lets you ride as many times as you like all day.  If you already have bought a day pass, just swipe it on the machine as you re-board.  The route map below, shows the Streetcar system, but you can find out lots more information from the New Orleans Regional Transportation Authority website.


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How to use UBER

UBER is a great alternative to taxis. Fares are around 30% cheaper than regular taxis in New Orleans.

It’s ultra convenient. Just download the App onto your Smartphone and sign-up.  The App will ask you for your bank card details, as your fares are paid automatically through the App, rather than paying your driver in cash.

Then when you are ready to take your first trip, just open the app on your cell phone. GPS technology will automatically identify your location, which you will be asked to tap to confirm.  Then enter the destination you’d like to travel to and Uber will identify the nearest Uber car and give you a price. Just confirm and the app will tell you the name of the Uber driver en-route to you, the estimated time of arrival and the make and model of the car.

You can watch the interactive map as it shows your Uber car heading your way.

At the end of your trip, you will receive notification within the App to confirm that your card has been charged.  Later on, you’ll have the opportunity of rating your Uber driver and if you wish, adding a tip.

The App also keeps a record of all of your rides.  It’s great for summoning a ride from your restaurant, hotel lobby or the arrivals areas of airports and once you have Uber you can use it in the many countries in which Uber now operates.

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Did you know that it’s cheaper to book hotel rooms on certain days of the week or that you can get free upgrades to your rooms?  Click here to find out how

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How to Find Great Restaurants & Make Reservations

There’s a fantastic website called Open Table which allows you to select restaurants which suit the occasion, your food preferences and budget.  Register for free and then use it to search destinations worldwide, including New Orleans. You can set filters for particular cuisine (e.g. Creole, Cajun, Seafood etc), set a budget, a geographical location and then cross-reference with diner’s reviews on TripAdvisor. In this way you get exactly what you want, with instant confirmation of your reservation.  You can even download and browse menus to ensure that you have a great dining experience.

Check out my top local New Orleans speciality foods.

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12 Best Things To Do in New Orleans

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